Ski Pole Tube

By Alan Shepard

When travelling by air, ski poles can be damaged in transit. In particular carbon fibre poles are susceptible to side impact. Some protection can be given by using a ski pole tube.

Plastic rainwater downspout is fairly effective. Getting the poles into and out of the tube can be troublesome as the handles, loops and baskets get in the way. Here you can find out how to solve that problem and end up with a pole tube for a total cost of about £6

Obtain a length of rainwater downpipe. In this case 2m of 68mm pipe is used.

Place poles alongside the pipe

Mark pipe length to allow handles and baskets to protrude

Cut to length and file off burrs

Use masking tape to form a straight line along the tube

Cut along the masking tape with a fine toothed saw

Remove tape and burrs

Ensure the tube is clean along the length of the cut

Cover the cut with duct tape. This will form the hinge

Rotate the pipe so the cut is underneath

Use masking tape to form another straight line

Cut along the masking tape with a fine toothed saw.

Remove tape and burrs

Open pipe and clean the inside

Cover the inside of the hinge cut with duct tape

Place poles in tube

Close tube with ski ties

Protect ski bag from pole tip damage by covering them with an old gardening glove