Roller Ski Directory

Roller skiing has become a method of extending the sport of cross-country skiing. The activity itself can be a lot of fun, it is a superb way to keep fit and there is no finer way to develop technique when there is no snow around.

However, finding a suitable location to roller ski that has good tarmac, is safe and not too steep, etc, is sometimes problematic. This website is an attempt to help UK skiers. A look through the directory locations just might inspire you to go and try out a new area and therefore go some way towards the further development of roller skiing in the UK.

Broadly the routes split into 3 categories (identified using colour code on maps):

Many of the routes use cycle tracks, created and maintained by Sustrans. According to Chris Nelson, Information and Trading Officer, Sustrans "the routes are shared paths for non‑motorised users - roller skiers are more than welcome to use them". You may be able to correct the misapprehension of a very few cyclists that the routes are just for them.

If you want to learn to roller ski it is recommended you take lessons. The British Nordic Ski Team site lists UK cross-country ski clubs here. These cater for recreational and race skiers and will either run lessons (from beginner level) or will be able to advice of options.


Whilst all the routes have been tried and submitted by roller skiers they are used at your own risk. When selecting a route it is always a good idea to either go with a more experienced roller skier or check it by bike or foot to get an idea of any potential difficulties given your current skiing ability.

Additions and Updates

The directory relies on contributors’ input to find new routes and to keep information up to date (particularly tarmac quality). Send new contributions or route detail amendments to me using the Send Updates link.

9 Oct 2021 Rutland Water added (Midlands)
  Two routes in Girvan added (Scotland).
8 Oct 2021 Fixed map links on large number of routes.
10 Jan 2021 Betteshanger Park Cycle Circuit minor update (Southern England)
  Bettehanger Park entry replaces Fowlmead Country Park (Southern England).
  Solihull Cycle Circuit minor update (Midlands)
30 Dec 2020 Betteshanger Park Cycle Circuit added (Southern England)
  Keswick/Threlkeld Cycleway added (Northern England)
  Lune Valley (Lancaster) updated to include A683 cycleway alternative (Northern England)

Last updated 9-10-2021