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Sidbury Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy to Debdale Park. New blue signposts lead you to the start at Sidbury Road


In dispute, but it is about 8k one way.


Pretty good tarmac along the route of a dismantled railway line. Smooth and wide. The usual leaves in autumn. Mostly flat but with some gentle ups and downs.


One main road to cross at Sainsbury's, but you have to walk this couple of hundred metres anyway. The track is very quiet with just the occasional cyclist.


Parking can be a little congested on Corkland Road. Debdale Park at the far end of the route is very nice, with a lake, toilets, picnic areas etc, plus a pub very nearby which advertises 2 meals for the price of 1. Chorlton at the start has lots of nice places to eat and drink.


Newly discovered by Ros in 2005. The route is suitable for either skating or classic, ratcheted or unratcheted skis.
The Mancunians are rather more easy going than some other districts and so far there have been no 'Hey mister' comments about missing snow, etc.

Details by MCCSC
Last updated 24-8-2009