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Knock, near Appleby-in-Westmoreland. Head North West out of Knock and turn right towards the Christian Centre.


7.1k long, 633m ascent


Good tarmac from bottom to top. Grass verges all the way.


Main danger is from the summit winds and descending cyclists.
Take warm clothes as it will be windy and cold on the top.
Also take a pair of trainers, as you will need to walk back down.
There are a couple of cattle grids, but you aren't daft enough to ski down are you?


Park in the large layby on the right, just before the Christian Centre.
Great cafe buried in the garden centre at Culgaith. Treacle and date tart to die for.


This is a real hill climb. It is the highest paved road in Britain but still has a great surface. After the only bit of descent, ignore the left turn to the quarry and continue straight on. After the road loops back you go through the first gate. The second and last gate is just before the Big White Snowball on the summit. You will be able to find shelter on a side of the buildings. Rest here and put on your warm clothes.
To make a weekend of it, this afternoon blast can be combined with the Solway Firth tour. There is a very good Bed and Breakfast at The Green, Cotehill, Carlisle which is located nicely between the two places.

Details by Western Track Club
Last updated 24-8-2009