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Heaton Park, North Manchester. Several access points. A good one is on Middleton Road.


Main loop of 1.76k shown in green on the map has 46m of climbing. Other skiable parts are shown in black. The pink parts are red tarmac with a fine gravel topping which is also skiable. Click Here to see a map of the tarmac paths.


Several very broad tarmac roads and other narrower paths. In places the tarmac has shallow potholes and in others is very good. The climb up from Smithy Lodge car park to Heaton Hall can be a bit greasy when wet.


In winter shaded parts can be icy.
Roads are closed to traffic but some Utility vehicles have access.
Some cyclists walkers and dogs.
Watch out for the odd patch of poor surface and speed bumps.


Car parks at St Margaret's, Sheepfoot Lane and Smithy Lodge. See 'Click Here' above. Between April and November at weekends there is a car park charge, otherwise free.
Toilets are shown on the map.
There is a cafe near the boating lake (toilets inside). It is worth trying the golf club house near Smithy Lodge car park, which has a bar and cafe.


In summer the park is very busy, especially at weekends.
Good continuous slopes for hill climb practice rising up from the East and South to Heaton Hall.
Wide and dead flat area alongside the Boating Lake.
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