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Boggart Hole Clough, Blackley, Manchester, M9.
Opposite Booth Hall Hospital on Charlestown Road.
Try to avoid the roundabout at the Victoria Ave E/Lightbowne Rd/Hollinwood Ave junction as it is a permanent traffic jam.


One loop is 2.18k. Click Here to see a map of the roads. Total ascent for one loop is 167m.


Quite a bit of wide good tarmac. On some stretches the tarmac surface has become crazed, rumbly and slow but it is still skiable. The odd bit has shallow potholes which are easily avoided..


Roads are closed to traffic.
Cyclists, walkers and dogs are not that frequent.
Some very steep bits that are great uphill practice but it is probably sensible to walk down them. The road surface can be very icy in the winter in the shaded areas.


The clubhouse near the lake is currently being refurbished. When finished it appears as though it will house a cafe.
There is a free car par next to the Visitor Centre located at the pointer on the streetmap link above.
The visitor Centre holds the keys to the toilets at the car park


The circuit is best done in a clockwise direction as this gives the least steep descent.
Leaving the visitor centre cross two speed bumps then pass through a kissing gate near the lake.
Next comes the descent which when wet and if you are on on hard wheels is troublesome. If you go for the high speed straightline down approach be aware that the surface at the bottom becomes suddenly pretty rough. It would probably be best to walk down on the grass verge, wearing your skis.
The climb back up to the visitor centre is steeper and gives very good hill climb practice.
The park is an inner city little gem.

Details by MCCSC
Last updated 24-8-2012