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Trans Ardennes, Charleville- Mezieres to Givet


83k on the towpath of the Meuse from Charleville-Mezieres in the south to Givet in the north on the Belgian border.
More details of the route are on the Voie Vertes web site There is a route book in PDF format on that page as well.


Path was completed in 2008 and is smooth tarmac at least 4m wide, occasionally wider.


Also used by cyclists and walkers. Some short stretches are used as vehicular access to lock keepers houses and gites etc but these are usually wider.


The path runs through several riverside towns and villages with the usual facilities. Access is easier in the towns but also possible elsewhere - check on the Michelin map.

There is a train service that runs alongside the Meuse from Charleville-Mezieres to Givet stopping at most of the towns on the way - summer only?


Because the path follows the Meuse it is very flat - double poling or V2 alternate for most of the way with the odd slope at locks or bridges. The Meuse flows from south to north and the prevailing wind is from the south / south west so the south to north route is easier.

The scenery along this section of the Meuse is fantastic.

Details by Midland Ski Club
Last updated 24-8-2009