Ennerdale to Whitehaven


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Start at free car park [with toilets] behind library and civic centre [NY019151 ] just to S of B5295 in centre of Cleator Moor.
Start of cycleway is 100m to NW along B5295 . Turn L out of carpark to find cycleway passing under B5295.


1.Mainly downhill, SW-W-NW towards Whitehaven = 4.5 miles to NX979168 carpark

2.Mainly uphill NE to Rowrah = 4.5 miles to NY055185.


Tarmacked ex-railway line. Good for classic or skate. Gentle railway-type gradients. Waymarked route.


At weekends there may be lone or groups of cyclists but sight distances are good.


Cleator Moor - Monday to Saturday. Good cafe [Scoffers] and bakers plus supermarket on main street. Pubs have no hot food.

Cleator Moor - Sundays. Shops closed. No hot drinks or food available. [Even bowling club cafe that sign on door says open is closed].

Whitehaven - numerous eating and drinking places.

Rowrah - no cafes for hot food/ drinks but some pubs.


Recommended to ski from Cleator Moor in one or both directions:
1.SW-W-NW downhill from Cleator Moor to car park on outskirts of and to S of Whitehaven. Car park is on left after last of green sections before school on right and start of second housing estate. [Route can be followed further 1.5 miles N to The Beacon on Whitehaven harbour - but this involves passing through scruffy [apologies to residents] housing estate and along B5345 heavily trafficked road].
Return uphill to Cleator Moor [for refreshments if required].
2.NE uphill to at old bridge and end of tarmac adjacent to Rowrah main street on left.

Return on glorious gentle descent back to Cleator Moor.

Details by MCCSC
Last updated 9-3-2010