Tameside Cycle Circuit


In the Richmond Park complex alongside the East Cheshire Harriers athletics club and the Curzon Ashton Football club.

 of the circuit.

Tameside Cycle Circuit
159 Richmond Street

Website: www.activetameside.com/centres/tameside-cycle-circuit/


1 Kilometre


Flat tarmac, 5 metres wide.

Safety Details

There are very few trees, so leaves and twigs are only a problem at the loop at the top of the sketch above. There is a flat level grass verge on both sides so the run off is as safe as it can be.

Lighting has been installed so it can be used year round.

The track is fenced, so that there are no problems with dogs and pedestrians.

There are painted white start/finish lines which are slippery in wet weather. The rest of the track is an excellent quality being both smooth but with sufficient roughness for the poles to grip well. At the moment, being new, there is no moss and the grip is good across the full width of the track.

The council require that any groups using the facility are accompanied by a qualified coach.


A bike shed and car park have also been built for those using the circuit. Sainsbury supermarket nearby has a cafe.


Contact via website shown in Location.

Costs £30/hour (2010). Gates giving access are opened and locked by a man from Curzon Ashton Football club, which is located alongside the circuit.

Booking is done via Dave Chaddeton of the Tameside Cycling Development group, but this is due to change as a management committee is being set up.

Other Details

None provided.

Alan Shepard (Manchester Cross Country Ski Club)

Last updated 1-8-2015