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The by-pass is the new route of the A34 around Alderley Edge (opened in November 2010). To the north it starts from the roundabout at the end of the dual carriageway section of the A34 between Alderley Edge and Wilmslow. To the south it starts at the roundabout near to the Monks Heath traffic lights and the AstraZeneca site at Alderley Park. At the time of writing (February 2011) work is ongoing to complete the landscaping and access paths so the best places to park for it may change, but Don Bullough has suggested starting at the Wilmslow end, parking in Fulshaw Park Road South just back towards Wilmslow - a matter of metres from the Wilmslow roundabout.


The distance between the two roundabouts is approximately 3 miles, making a round trip of approximately 6 miles.


There are paths either side of the road. The tarmac has been freshly laid and is very smooth, giving an excellent surface. It is a combined footpath and cycle track.


The paths are separated from the road by narrow grass verges. The only roads crossing the paths are farm access tracks. The route is fairly flat with gentle slopes.


There are cafes in Alderley Edge and Wilmslow. There is an Indian restaurant near to the Monks Heath traffic lights.


The route is through open farmland but is on the side of a main road. Use by pedestrians and cyclists has been very light so far. With many cars and lorrys passing close by you will probably attract the odd admiring and encouraging comment (at least that's how I prefer to interpret them).

Details by MCCSC
Last updated 6-2-2011